Why You Should Mat Photographs and Artwork

4 Benefits of Matting Your Work

Custom Mat BoardWhen you are printing out your artwork to display in your home, gallery or for sale at an art fair, consider matting it before you frame it. Here are 4 crucial advantages to this process:

  • A mat makes the photograph stand out. The plain space between the photograph and the frame surrounding it sets the photo apart from its surroundings. If you hang your photograph on an already decorated wall, the mat will make it more eye catching.
  • The mat protects the photograph. Even after the picture is placed in the frame, the mat board┬áprevents it from coming into contact with the glass, and this process allows you to handle the photograph without fear of damaging it.
  • A matted photograph is sellable. If you have aspirations to sell your work, then you should mat your pieces to make it easier to put them into a frame or to hang them without the frame.
  • The process can be simple, quick and fun. Consider using pre-cut mat board to enhance your art and photography from Redimat

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