How To Conserve Your Artwork

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The diverse destructive forces of everyday life can damage, fade or degrade your artwork, regardless of your medium of choice. If you wish to preserve your artwork or family photos it is imperative that you do the most you can to contain these forces.

Dirt – particularly fine-grained particulates – can wreak all sorts of havoc on artwork. Dirt is not a monolithic substance; it contains germs, toxins, dust, oil, grit, dander, and pollutants. If you paint in a studio with poor air quality or bad ventilation, your artwork may be vulnerable to dirt’s dangerous effects. Sunlight also can destroy pieces, particularly art created with materials based on wood pulp, like paper, as well as certain dyes and paints. High humidity, climatic variations, and even the oils in your hands can damage your art.

So what can you do about these diverse annoyances?

Thankfully, technological advances have made artwork conservation easier than ever before. If your art or photos are printed on archival paper this will help, but even if your materials are not archival, they may be preserved longer by storing them properly. Select acid-free products and chemically stable materials to sandwich your art, and then insert this package in sealed polyethylene bags to store and preserve artwork. This can keep dust from settling on your work, serve as a moisture barrier for airborne water and fingerprints, and stop sun damage. (Purchase only acid-free bags, like ClearBags.)

Finally, consider using picture matting both to enhance the aesthetics of your pieces and to shield them from corrosive environmental exposure. Conservation-quality mats are great way to store and view expensive art and or pieces that could easily deteriorate, like historical letters and photos. Choose photography mats for viewing and storing precious photos from a wedding or European adventure trip. Make sure they are sealed in acid free bags.

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