How to Produce the Casual Hinge in 7 Easy Steps

Matboard Experts Help You Master the Hinging and Adhesives Process

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Decorative matting board added to a photograph or other piece of artwork creates a finishing touch that makes any framed work look more professional. Here’s the good news: getting that professional look is simple, as long as you can make a great hinge. Here’s all you need to know about hinge-making in seven simple steps.

1. Gather your supplies: Make sure everything’s handy – artwork, mat board, backing board and hinging tape – before you start.
2. Prepare the work area: Clear and clean the surface you’ll be using, and make sure you have plenty of light. Cover the surface with butcher paper to prevent slipping and ensure a fresh, clean surface.
3. Position the artwork: Turn your mat wrong side up and line up your artwork with the mat opening so you can “visualize” its placement.
4. Create the hinge: Turn the artwork over. Tear two or more strips of hinging tape from the roll, and apply them lengthwise along the upper edge of the backside of your artwork, leaving half the strip uncovered and ready to be attached to the mat. Use gentle pressure to apply the tape. Turn the work right-side up.
5. Center the work: Carefully center the matting (right-side up now) over the photo, taking your time to make sure the artwork is properly positioned in the opening within the board. Once it’s centered, apply gentle pressure on the mat where it rests over the tape.
6. Adjust the mount: Turn the mat and artwork over and apply medium pressure to the tape, making sure it’s smooth and flat.
7. Complete the hinge: Closely align the edge of the mat board with the backing. Apply tape along the line where the two edges meet, forming the final hinge. Leave a one-inch gap on each end so the tape doesn’t show. Apply mild pressure, and smooth the tape. Turn the artwork over, and make sure everything looks good before applying firm pressure to the hinge.

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