The Story of Us: Preserving Your Family’s History

Picture Matting Advice for Photo Preservation

Photography MattingLife is short, and time marches on. What can you do about it?

Here’s one cool tactic: preserve your family history by turning it into a legacy and historical record. Using mat boards and picture frames during the preservation process can provide papers, letters, and your entire collection of photographs with lasting protection from the elements.

Your photographs – ubiquitous though they may be on your iPhone – are also in some sense priceless and irreplaceable. Over time, they will be all that’s left of a bygone era. Take steps today to make sure your family history will last, even if your electronic records evaporate into the cloud. Consider these tips for family history conservation:

  • Before handling old materials, wash hands thoroughly, avoid lotions, and remove jewelry.
  • Identify people in portraits as soon as possible. Include names along with the photographs to ensure that future generations will know their identities.
  • Make digital copies of photos to save electronically. Keep originals in an archival box and treat them according to expert guidelines.
  • Share photos with relatives.
  • Photocopy any original writing on a photo, and keep it attached to any copies made.
  • Use a mat board to highlight pictures and protect them in picture frames.
  • Display picture frames away from direct sunlight or damp places.
  • In photo albums, place photos in sleeves without adhesives.

Regularly monitor storage areas for mold and insect activity to prevent irreversible damage. Finally, never clean photos or negatives. Instead, call a conservator for assistance.

Matting Board Experts At Your Service!

When purchasing framing supplies, ask a professional about the types of products to use for long-term and protective preservation. Look for moisture barriers, non-adhesive hinging, and proper glazing.  Give Redimat™ a call today at (877) 883-1011 for your matting and framing needs!