Matboard and Framing Ideas for Wedding Memories

Matting Experts Share Ideas to Commemorate the Occasion

Bride and Groom in Picture Frame
Whether you just tied the knot, or you’re planning gorgeous, emotional Bay Area nuptials, you want to memorialize your wedding day with perfectly arranged picture frames for all your special moments. Here are some ideas to get you started creating a timeless display:

  • Frame non-pictures. Add the bouquet, invitation, and/or party favors to an archival mat board to create lasting keepsakes. Children and grandchildren love to see these non-picture aspects of your wedding, so consider adding a picture of the items in use on the day as well as a preserved sample. A pressed flower bouquet holds up well in a picture frame.
  • Chronicle the life of the bride and groom. For a timeless totem, consider making a matted picture album or picture display set you can look back on for years to come.
  • Carefully consider frames for groups. Large group pictures feature everyone you asked to share your special day. Use an 8×10 mat or larger, depending on the number of guests in the photo, to memorialize a large group of guests or a wedding party. Larger mats balance well with photographs of large groups.
  • Match matting with wedding themes. Consider using simple and classic framing while applying different colors and patterns in the mat design. Use the colors from the wedding to create cohesion between pictures and to bring the photographs to life.

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