Why You Should Use Mat Board in Your Framing Project

The Benefits of Matboard

pre cut 8x10 mat boards

Maybe you need a custom mat board to preserve or enhance family art that you discovered in your grandmother’s basement. Or perhaps you’re searching for pre-cut mat board to supply a school or voluntary organization. In either case, you may be slightly confused about the aesthetic and preservation-related benefits of mat board.

The material serves two basic purposes. First, it can protect artwork. Second, it can add to or enhance the artistic value of the piece.

The mat board can protect the piece not only by shielding the edges from outside elements but also by preventing the piece from scraping against glass. Creating space between the glass and the image can prevent degradation.

For some applications, you might seek acid-free mat board, which can prevent long-term etching of the art or discoloration. Multi-layered mat boards can create cool imaginative effects by drawing the viewer’s perspective towards a certain region of the painting.

The size and color notes you choose can also powerfully influence aesthetics and perspective. But while adding multiple layers can create fun effects, avoid distracting too much from the work itself. The mat should augment the piece, not get in the way or pull focus.

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