How to Use Mat Board to Sell Your Photographs

Enhance and Protect Your Art Using Photo Mats

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Subtle changes to how and under what circumstances you present your photography for sale can radically influence the reactions of potential customers. Framed effectively — using the right precut photo mats, for instance — your work can look extraordinary and potentially sell for much more than you might otherwise expect. Consider deploying the following three “pro tips” for using mat board to sell your art.

1. Display a finished product. Whether you use custom or discount mat board, framing and protective matting adds to the lifespan of your piece. In addition to facilitating framing for customers so that they can place your work in their home, office, or gallery, a mat board can complement your work, bring focus to a particular aspect of your art, and add aesthetic value in its own right.

2. Supercharge your presentation. You want to avoid forcing your customers to go through additional steps to use your work for their ideal purposes. The less friction for the buyer, the better. When you mat your work, you can display it in gallery-style, so that it appears complete and ready to hang on a wall with a frame. This process also provides customers with the opportunity to buy a photograph at a lower price than a framed piece and to choose custom frames for their needs. In other words, you create “upsell” and “downsell” marketing opportunities.

3. Protect your work to make it robust. Inevitably, some of your photos and pictures will get worn down or smudged before you can market them all. “Spoilage” is a natural part of any sales process, whether you’re selling vintage-style photos of modern Bay Area life or oranges. You can limit that spoilage, though. Matting showkits, for instance, include clear bags that help you protect your work during the sales process. Prevent customers from smudging your prized photography while still showcasing all your work. Matting every photograph before you sell can create a complementary, protective finishing touch. Your customers will appreciate the added value and custom presentation.

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