How to Choose the Best Frame and Mat Board for Your Artwork

Framing and Matting Art For Optimized Artistic Perspective

Framing Supplies

The simple act of framing a piece of art can transform a work from dime-store quality to living room statement in a flash. But how should you choose picture frames to highlight the power and beauty of your art?

Just as Albert Einstein once observed that your frame of reference changes how you think about time and distance, art scholars have shown that your frame of perception of a painting or picture impacts what you see in a work and how you feel about it. Framing changes the viewer’s perception. Think about a framed mirror in the bathroom. The frame adds depth to the space and highlights the lines and reflections you see. A frame similarly affects a piece of art.

To choose the appropriate mat and frame, consider the elements of the work. Traditional styles and color palettes may do well with more ornate frames. Simple, abstract pieces work well in picture frames with clean lines in metals and stained wood. Large paintings often require a large, stately frame. Mat boards can highlight the work’s color draw the eye into the depth of the piece.

Before making decisions about how to frame your pieces for display (or sale), you may want to browse an extensive catalogue of framing supplies, from large bronzed frames to canvas mat boards to simple barn wood pieces. Be creative, and don’t fear mixing up design elements. Contrast new and old or mild and bold to create a visually stunning result.

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