3 Ways to Protect Your Watercolor Painting With Matboard

Using Archival Mat Board and Tailored Techniques Watercolors Will Last

18 x 24 mat needed for watercolor painting

It is a common misconception in the art world that watercolor paintings do not last. Meticulous, engaged artists can use a number of tested processes to protect watercolor paintings so they will last far into the future — decades, if not longer. Done right, believe it or not, a watercolor painting can last as long as an oil painting. Here are three battle-proven tactics to that end:

1. If you used the highest quality paper and pigments, you’re already a step ahead. Good quality paper and pigment will naturally last longer and resist yellowing or fading. The next step is choosing good quality framing supplies.

2. When framing your painting, use an archival front mat and backer. An archival mat board will ensure that the painting fits tightly within its frame, keeping it sealed off from dust and debris. Any other type of matting is likely to be acidic, and it will likely cause the paper and pigment to break down. The front mats should be hinged at the top with white linen hinging tape or rice paper. Never use masking tape, as it will burn the watercolor.

3. When framing the piece, you may be tempted to use an anti-glare glass – avoid doing this! Anti-glare glass is actually damaging to watercolors. The anti-glare coating absorbs light (this is how it resists glare). The absorbed light will yellow and fade your watercolor painting in the picture frame. Instead, use a coated Plexiglass, which will resist glare and protect your painting.

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